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18 Teeth Silica Gel Steel Claw Ice Climbing on Foot Non-slip Mountaineering Foot Cover, One Pair(L (4346) )

Item TBD0371549201B

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Product Category:Slip-proof Shoe Cover/Claws
1. Light and simple crampons, suitable for outdoor mountaineering, also suitable for indoor use in ice and snow weather, especially suitable for the elderly and children to go out in the snow and ice season.
2. The material of the shoe cover is made of special wear-resistant and stretch-resistant rubber. The anti-slip nail on the bottom of the shoe cover is made of high-strength alloy and has good wear resistance.
3. There is a certain anti-slip effect when walking on the ice with crampons (note: it cannot be completely prevented from slipping).
4. Lightweight and easy to carry.
5. Shoes are not included.

1. Place the product on the bottom of the shoe.
2. Keep it clean after each use, then dry and collect.

Product specifications:
1. M weight: about 278g.
2. L weight: about 312g.
3. M code number: 37-42cm.
4. L code number: 43-47cm.
5. Material: silica gel + manganese steel teeth.
6. Function: Non-slip.