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2 PCS 400 Centigrade Pointer Oversized Dial Oven Thermometer Baking Tool

Item TBD04243445

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1. Name: Oven Thermometer
2. Material: stainless steel
3. Temperature measurement range: 50 to 400 degree
4. Measurement accuracy: 2 degree
5. Size: 7 × 4 × 9.2cm
6. Net weight: 52g
7. Packaging: bubble bag box
8. Use: measure the temperature in the oven
9. How to use: Put the thermometer in the oven before the oven is turned on. After placing it properly, start preheating the oven and adjust the oven temperature setting according to the display of the thermometer.
10. Note: The stainless steel case of the thermometer is slightly scratched
11. When the oven door is opened or closed, it will affect the hot air output of the oven and affect the reading of the thermometer.
12. After the preheating reaches the required temperature, put it in the baking tray or ingredients at normal temperature. The thermometer will briefly show that the temperature of the oven has dropped, and then return to normal.
13. The appearance of the product has changed slightly.