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UFO Aircraft Remote Control / Gesture Smart Sensor Four-Axis Mini Drone, Colour: Blue(With Watch UFO)

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1. Intelligent flight, easy to use
2. High toughness material, anti-fall and anti-collision
3. There is a protective ring around to reduce impact and finger scratches
4. Grab the aircraft and reverse it 180 degrees, and the motor will immediately lock and brake
5. With infrared sensors on both sides and bottom, it will automatically avoid obstacles
6. Can control the aircraft flying in the air with gestures
7. After the switch is turned on and the pairing is successful, when the light changes from flashing to steady on, it can be thrown away.
8. USB port for charging
9. Size: 12x5.5 cm
10. Weight: about 270 grams
11. The remote control uses 3x1.5V AAA batteries (not included)