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Original Lenovo HS11 Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale

Item EDS0042

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1. Test 13 human parameters: body weight, body fat, body water, body bone, visceral fat, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, subcutaneous fat, fat-free weight, muscle weight, body shape, fat weight
2. Weight range: 3.0-150.0kg
3. Standard of accuracy: 0-50kg, +/-0.2kg; 50-100kg, +/-0.3kg; 10-150kg, +/-0.4kg
4. Can support 360 kg
5. It can be automatically weighed on the station, and it will automatically shut down when left, convenient and easy to use
6. Increase the anti-skid pad to prevent sliding
7. It accords with ergonomics, the measurement is more accurate
8. Mobile APP connection, automatic upload of measurement data
9. Material: tempered glass, plastic
10. Battery: 3*AAA (not included)
11. Size: 280x280mm