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XWST DC 12/24V To 5V Converter Step-Down Vehicle Power Module, Specification: 12V To 5V 1A Small Rubber Shell

Item TBD0572132501

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1. Module nature: non-isolated BUCK
2. Input voltage: DC12V (wide voltage 8~22V), DC 12V24V (wide voltage 8~40V)
3. Output voltage: DC 5V
4. Output current: 1A~40A optional
5. Output power: 5W~200W
6. Ripple: (1A-30A) 40MV, 40A 170MV
7. Low power consumption: (1A-3A) 1.4MA, (5A-10A) 11MA, (10A-30A) 15MA, 40A 70MA
8. Protection function: over current / over voltage / over temperature / short circuit protection
9. Waterproof rating: IP67
10. Scope of application: all kinds of vehicle system modification, routers, ADSL modems, switches, LED digital photo frames, electronic refrigerators, portable DVDs, audios, security systems, portable tools, printers, network equipment, control equipment and other voltage parameters Industrial equipment
11. Reminder: there is no reverse connection protection for the input, please connect carefully, and the output voltage of the power supply cannot be directly used to charge the battery or battery
12. Installation cable length: 13-14cm
13. Size: 1-3A small rubber shell is about 4.6x2.7x1.4 cm, 1-10A medium rubber shell is about 4.6x3.2x1.8 cm, 1-5A small aluminum shell is about 4.4x2.5x2.05 cm, 5 -10A medium aluminum shell is about 6.4x5.7x2.2 cm, 10-30A large aluminum shell is about 7.4x7.4x3.2 cm, 40A large aluminum shell is about 10x8x3.9 cm
14. Weight: 1-3A small rubber shell about 28 grams, 110A medium rubber shell about 53 grams, 1-6A small aluminum shell about 45 grams, 5-10A medium aluminum shell about 108 grams, 10-30A large aluminum shell about 260 grams, about 500 grams of 40A enlarged aluminum shell