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3 PCS Early Childhood Education Wooden Three-Dimensional Jigsaw Puzzle Toy(S-Rabbit)

Item TBD0589161901AE

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1. Material: wood
2. Applicable age: over 18 months
3. Can better exercise children's memory, hand-eye coordination, and logical thinking skills
4. Prevent large objects from being swallowed by mistake
5. The pattern is composed of 5-7 puzzle pieces, matched with the concave-convex design of the bottom plate shape, to help children fix the puzzle
6. Embedded socket, not easy to disperse, easier for babies to play
7. U-shaped corner design of the bottom plate, no edges or corners on the arc side
8. Safe water-based paint design, strong color adhesion
9. Three-dimensional design, larger blocks are smoother
10. Weight: about 100 grams
11. Size: about 15x15 cm