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XPower S200 Plus Car Multi-functional Power Inverter USB 3.0 Quick Charger Adapter + Negative Ions Air Cleaner (Black)

Item CMS0991B

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1. Small size, high power.
2. Fast charging, powering devices such as computers/mobile phones/tablets/mobile phones.
3. Silent heat dissipation, intelligent fan: 360 degree ring heat dissipation, automatic rotation, speed up air flow, help the body to dissipate heat.
4. Voltage detection time protection.
5. 6 large intelligent safety protection functions: over voltage, over current, overload, overheat, short circuit, over temperature protection.
6. Built-in intelligent identification chip, inverter performance conversion rate is high, power is stable.
7. Air purification, releasing 5 million negative ions.
8. Indicator: Blue: Normal operation; Green: Turn on negative ion purification.
9. Parameters:
Input voltage: DC 12V
Output voltage: AC 220V +/-10%
Output frequency: 50HZ+/-3HZ
Negative ion concentration: 5 million / cm3
AC output power: 150W
Material: aluminum-magnesium alloy
Cigarette lighter output power: 60W