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XINDA EN567 Outdoor Rock Climbing Aerial Work Anti-fall Rope Gripper for 8-13mm Diameter Rope

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1. The connection hole of the rope grab is used to connect the main lock.
2. The function of the blocking teeth and the blocking piece is to catch the rope by sticking the ropes to each other.
3. The movable side panel design can be quickly installed and removed on any part of the rope to provide the necessary auxiliary fall protection for the aerial work.
4. Easy to slide up and easy to stop down.
5. There is fast drop protection.
6. Equipped with a self-locking safety ring to automatically lock the rope when it falls.

1. Material: hot forged aluminum-magnesium alloy.
2. Size: 7.9cm long and 7cm wide.
3. Weight: 124g.
4. Applicable rope: 8-13mm diameter rope.