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Ultra-Thin Angular Frame Magnetic Absorption Double-Sided Tempered Glass Shell for iPhone 8(Silver)

Item EDA00053801E

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1. Strong magnetic adsorption technology takes you into a new era. From now on, it's nice to install the case. It makes your phone stand out from the crowd.
2. Magnetic strong adsorption mobile phone shell automatically closes, easy to assemble. More installation methods are waiting to be discovered.
3. Full-body angular frame protection and anti-fall and shock absorption design. The raised baffle moves the screen and camera away from the surface and touches the back of the nano glass, preventing scratches and stains, protecting your phone from scratches, vibrations and stains. Premium materials provide unparalleled protection and enhanced durability.
4. The invisible magnetic sheet is adsorbed, and both sides of the magnetic sheet are tightly adsorbed, which is not easy to fall off.
5. Lightweight and easy to carry.
6. Please note that the tempered glass is in the back and there is no tempered glass in the front.