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STARTRC 1107671 For FIMI X8 SE Drone 5.8GHZ Anti-interference Yagi-Uda Antenna Signal Enhancer(Black)

Item DOP1111B

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1. Using the Yagi antenna principle to enhance the antenna signal
2. Each aluminum rod is placed in a fixed position according to the specific height ratio, the signal is superimposed, the enhancement effect is better, and the flight distance is increased from 2.5KM to 3.5KM
3. Using ABS + pure aluminum, after anodizing treatment, to enhance the texture, wear resistance, corrosion resistance
4. Installation and disassembly are simple and fast, no need to change control, plug and play, lossless installation design
5. Small size, easy to carry
6. Size: 3.5x6.5cm
7. Packing list: Yagi antenna booster*2, bubble bag*1, box*1

Installation steps:
1. Take out the FIMI X8 SE remote control and expand
2. As shown in the figure, align the antenna of the remote control with the hole of the signal booster and clamp it
3. The installation is complete
4. Finally, connect the phone