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Wide Angle + Macro Mobile Phone Lens Professional Shooting External HD Camera Set

Item TBD0566800901

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1. OHARA optical lens, higher definition, wider viewing angle, higher color saturation
2. 5-layer lens, anti-distortion
3. Adopting MRC coating technology, 5 layers of coating on the front and back of the lens to ensure high-definition imaging
4. The wide-angle lens and the macro lens are independent of each other, and the splicing link is rejected, and the dust does not enter. It is more convenient and safer to use

Product specifications:
1. Wide angle: 135 degrees
2. Fisheye: 180 degrees
3. Macro: 20 times
4. Fill light: 3-color light effect
5. Applicability: suitable for most single-camera/dual-camera phones, various filter beauty apps
6. Fill light: suitable for food/portrait/detail shooting
7. Wide angle: suitable for architecture/landscape/group photo
8. Macro: suitable for insects/plants/jewelry
9. Fisheye: suitable for people/landscapes/pets, presenting a balanced picture of the world together, showing a kind of interesting vision