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For iPhone 13 mini Color Screen Non-Working Fake Dummy Display Model(Red)

Item MPD0085R

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1. This dummy phone model is designed for iPhone 13 mini
2. Pretend Phone Toy: Substitute your real cell phone to children that want a phone so badly but is still too young to have one. Party surprises, phone collection, children toys or other entertaining purposes.
3. Display Use: Cell phone store / phone accessories store display use, thanks to its metallic frame and identical weight, it is perfect to try out phone cases or other accessories.
4. Material: Premium ABS plastic screen to avoid glass injure, identical weight as original phone, keys could be pressed but sim card slot could not be pulled out.
5. This product is designated merely for phone store display, photographing tools, phone case tryout, kid plaything, prank or other legal use only. It is realistic, but its simularity is also controlled at the degree of one should easily tell apart from a real phone.