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100PCS Aluminum Foil Ziplock Bag Jewelry Data Line Sealed Packaging Bag, Size: 12x18cm (Blue Gradient)

Item TBD0602837311

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1. The bag adopts self-sealing strip, which makes the packaging more convenient, and the recycling is more environmentally friendly
2. Easy to use, waterproof and oil-proof, highly transparent, strong safety, good sealing
3. Firmly lock the edge, sturdy and beautiful to use
4. The surface is waterproof, which can keep dustproof, moistureproof and oilproof for a long time
5. U-shaped easy-tear mouth, more convenient to open the bag, easy to carry
6. The round hole can be hung on the shelf, which is convenient and space-saving
7. Applicable products: mobile phone case/headphone cable/audio cable/data cable/daily cosmetics/accessories/candy snacks/electronic components and other product packaging
8. Material: PET+aluminized+matte film
9. Dimensions: 12x18cm