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100PCS Laser Self-sealing Packaging Bag Data Line Aluminum Foil Plastic Bag , Size: 7.5x12cm

Item TBD0603068607

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1. Self-sealing chain zipper makes packing easier
2. Easy to use, waterproof oil-proof, highly transparent, good sealing
3. Three solid heat sealing edge, prevent burst edge, bag body after closing a strong sealing
4. Surface waterproof design, can be maintained for a long time dust, moisture, oil, mildew
5. High transparency and environmental friendly PP material, smooth and bright surface
6. Applicable products: can be clothing, mobile phones, accessories, hardware, digital products, skin care products and other products packaging

1. The product contains only the packing bag, does not contain the handset case, the data line and so on
2. Put objects of different sizes in different sizes