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For iPad Pro 10.5 inch (2017) Tablet PC Dark Screen Non-Working Fake Dummy Display Model (Grey)

Item MPD5681H

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1. This fake virtual phone mockup is specially designed for iPad Pro 10.5 inch (2017)
2. Camouflage phone toys: Substitute your real phone for kids who desperately want a phone but are too young to have one. Party surprises, cell phone collection, children''s toys or other entertainment purposes.
3. Display use: display use in mobile phone stores/mobile phone accessories stores, because its metal frame has the same weight as the real phone, it is very suitable for trying out mobile phone cases or other accessories.
4. Material: High-quality ABS plastic screen to avoid glass damage, the weight is the same as the original mobile phone, the buttons can be pressed but the SIM card slot cannot be pulled out.
5. This product is only for display in mobile phone stores, photo tools, phone case trials, children''s toys, pranks or other legal purposes. It''s lifelike, but its resemblance is also controlled to a point where it should be easily distinguishable from a real phone.


Screen Types

Dark Screen