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Kaisi 946 Max Double Vacuum Pumps LCD Separator Rotating Thermal Machine, US Plug

Item EDA006595301

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1. The double vacuum pumps provide strong suction for mobile phone adsorption and screen opening respectively
2. The integrated heating module heats up quickly. The heating platform can rotate 185 degrees back and forth. The ball bearing rotates more smoothly to meet the separation requirements of different screens
3. It is inclined to the left and right at 60 degrees, which is convenient for the use of liquid medicine and does not damage the cable
4. Screen starter, independent powerful vacuum pump, and unique lip-shaped sealing ring absorb the screen in a large area, and the screen can be opened quickly and evenly without damaging the screen
5. Suitable for screen heating, straight screen/curved screen/strip frame separation, and screen removal
6. AC110V-AC220V wide voltage, wide application area
7. The movable splint is suitable for screens of different models and specifications.
8. Three groups of preset memory temperature, single press for reading and double press for confirmation. With the temperature compensation function, customers can calibrate the temperature themselves
9. It comes with two pieces of special silicone gaskets. The lip seal ring has super sealing performance and a porous design to meet the needs of screens of various sizes.
10. The electromagnetic decompression valve can stop the rapid exhaust under vacuum, and it is convenient to extract the screen
11. Package includes:
1 x Separator
1 x Movable splint
1 x Split screen device
2 x Silicone pad
1 x Power cord