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PULUZ 3 in 1 Pistol Trigger Set (Shutter Trigger + Phone Clamp + Floating Hand Grip Diving Buoyancy Stick) with Adjustable Anti-lost Strap & Screw & Tripod Adapter for iPhone, Galaxy, Sony, and other Smartphones, GoPro

Item PU301

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1. This product is specifically designed for GoPro, smartphones.
2. It has a bright color in the water and can easily be found.
3. Float designed to keep your camera with a waterproof shell, dive housing and other parts of the case, easy to float in the water.
4. Adjustable wrist strap, so you have double protection.
5. You can connect your bobber floating to the tripod.
6. Note: The phone, camera, waterproof case and video light are not included.

Package List
1. Tripod Adapter x 1
2. Wrist Strap x 1
3. Phone Clamp x 1
4. Shutter Trigger x 1
5. Floating Hand Grip x 1
6. Short Screw x 1
7. Long Screw x 3



ABS, Rubber, PC

Body Size

19*13*4cm (Shutter Trigger + Hand Grip stick)


125g (Shutter Trigger + Hand Grip stick)