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Blueendless U23Q SATA 2.5 inch Micro B Interface HDD Enclosure with USB-C / Type-C to USB-C / Type-C Cable, Support Thickness: 1cm or less

Item PC7683

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1. With excellent circuit design and chip compatibility, it can easily adapt to various platform applications, whether it is Mac, Windows, Linuxc, or Android system of smart TV, it is plug and play.
2. Multiple protections to protect your data security and stability.
3. All-metal material, stable and sturdy, and the anti-strike ability is doubled.
4. The venting hole heat conduction groove is designed to effectively dissipate heat.
5. Use the heat sink fins as part of the case to increase the heat dissipation area and enhance heat dissipation.
6. Screw fixing, stable structure and installation method can protect the hard disk more effectively.
7. Using Type-C to Type-C data line, the transmission speed is faster and saves time.