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HQ-UD15 5 in 1 8 Pin + Micro USB + USB-C / Type-C Interfaces + 8 Pin Earphone Charging Interface + Wireless Charging Charger Base with Watch Stand (Black)

Item SYA00063502

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1. 3 in 1 rotatable charger base + 10W maximum power wireless charger, suitable for iPhone, Micro USB, Type-C mobile phone, can charge multiple devices at the same time.
2. For Apple Watch and Airpods, it is a stand or a charger for Airpods. You need to bring your own charging cable for charging your Apple Watch.
3. Built-in safety measures to prevent overcharge/overcurrent/overvoltage protection, temperature control, foreign object detection, protect your device battery from overcharging damage.
4. The raised point can be used as a mobile phone holder.
5. Silicone material that will not scratch/block the screen or edges of iPhone, iWatch and Airpods.
6. Compact charging stand puts all the equipment in one position, no need to insert multiple chargers, the cable is not messy, practical and convenient.
7. Can be widely used indoors, such as homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and bars.

Product specifications:
1. Input: DC 5V-3A (maximum).
2. Charger base output: DC 9V 2A.
3. Wireless charging output: 10W.
4. Headphone charging port output: DC 5V 0.5A.
5. USB cable length: 1.2m.