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A/V to 20 Pin Male SCART Adapter

Item S-PC-0911

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1. Phono RCA signals are completely compatible with the pins in a scart socket but interconnection with these pins is not possible without this adapter
2. Suitable for input only which is the most common application.
3. Typically be used for the connection of a games console or a DVD player which has phono / RCA video output to a television with a Scart input
4. The three coloured phono connectors on the adaptor have the following functions:
5. Yellow - Composite video input
6. Red - Audio right input
7. White - Audio left input
8. Connecting a Playstation / games console to television with a scart socket
9. Connecting a camcorder that has phono / RCA outputs to a television or VCR
10. Connecting a projector to a television or other source that has a scart output
11. Allows CCTV cameras to be easily connected to equipment with scart sockets