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Scart Male to Female with Composite AV + S-Video Sockets(Black)

Item S-PC-1203

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1. This SCART adapter features three color coded phono(RCA) sockets, an S-Video socket and select switch, this allows the adapter to be used for input or output of Audio/Video signals.
2. SVHS(S-Video )signals are a high quality and therefore use of this adapter and S-Video cables are recommended!
3. With this adapter,you can now connect games consoles, DVD players, video players all with great ease.
4. If your device does not have a S-Video (SVHS) connection you can still transfer the video via the more popular phono (RCA)connections on this device.
5. Used for camera, camcorders and video; anything with 3 phono rca connectors (red, white, yellow). Just match up the colors and you can use it in a scart socket!
6. You can also select whether you want to go from Scart to Phono / SVHS or Phono / SVHS to Scart with the INPUT/OUTPUT switch. Meaning that video transfer is a complete doddle.